Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ecclesiastical laryngitis that echoes the silence of Shoah

I happened to be traveling thru Europe this month and while meandering thru the alleys of Montmartre (the hill of martyrs) I was struck by how we honor martyrs of antiquity but often miss those in our own time.

If institutional religion cannot find its collective voice to challenge loudly the crimes of the Bush administration - initiating unholy war; taking from the poor to enrich the wealthy; promoting actions that poison the land, sea and sky - then at least it should hold public, interfaith services that honor our own martyrs: the soldiers of the Coalition killed or wounded in mind or body (who are not even recognized by our government), and the civilians and combatants in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We are long overdue in honoring all those innocents whose deaths have served to enrich the arms merchants, the energy providers and the bankers who are making a fortune off this moral and political catastrophe. The names of the real evildoers are hidden from us, but too often their faces are found in the front rows in our places of worship every week.


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