Sunday, October 09, 2005

From 20 to 60 in no time flat

There’s a man in the street in the moonlight
And he speaks tho there’s no one to hear,
As he single-sound steps in the city night:
“How I’m aching for someone who’s near.

“All the lights in these windows are heaven
With a sky and four walls strong as winds
Open hearts, steaming food and a blanket -
A warm place to come in from the sins.

“Ah, the man with some food and a woman,
And her autumn-night tucked-under legs,
Has the world and a reason for grinnin’
Tho he wears what the city calls rags.

‘When teeth touch and her ‘yes’ has been given,
With the following erotic rites,
Then to fall and keep falling to morrow
Til the end of spring rain and its lights.”

But the man in the window above him
To his wife on the couch gives a yawn:
“Who’s that peacoat who walks in the rainlight
Like he’s mad that the night will turn dawn?

“Is he out of a Conrad or London
Or his mind it could well even be?
Has he done all the deeds that he should have,
And in wandering seen all to see?

“Down the street half a mile is the skyway
Will he take it to see where it winds?
He could travel so far in his free way
And in doing so leave us behind.

“What a thrill not to know where he’s sleeping
When old Morpheus touches his head,
With a doorway or country pine weeping
When the world chances him with a bed.”

-Tom Mahon
Spring, 1968


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