Sunday, August 28, 2005

Of Yoda, YHWH and Yeheshua

Since the Biblical creation story is causing so much agitation these days, maybe a better understanding of creation is found midway through George Lucas’ "The Empire Strikes Back," when young master Luke goes to the Dagobah System to meet Yoda, his teacher, guru, rabbi, sensei, to begin his career as a Jedi.

The first thing Yoda instructs him to do in the garden/swamp is approach and enter the Tree of Knowledge. So Luke climbs down deep into the roots, passing slithery snakes and slimy subterraneans who harm him not.

Then deep within the Tree of Knowledge, Luke confronts his mortal enemy: Darth Vader. He fights the Dark Lord to the death, and with his Light Saber flicks off the mask to reveals Luke’s true enemy: himself.

For Yoda, the Tree of Knowledge is the path to self-knowledge. For YHWH, having given mortals a mind, it is the path to damnation.

Thus enlightened, Luke is told by Yoda to lift his Incom T-65 X-Wing from the swampy muck into which it crashed. No fool he, Luke says it can’t be done.

Yoda, the wise fool, insists Luke do it. Eventually worn down, Luke relents and says he will try. “Try not! Do or do not! There is no try.”

So Luke gives it the old college try and, as expected, fails. At which point, Yoda focuses his mind wonderfully and lifts the craft from the swamp.

“I don’t believe it!” exclaims Luke in wonderment. “And that is why you failed,” his teacher says in rebuke.

This is the message of the true Messiah, Christ, Mahdi: believe and there is nothing you can’t do. “What you’ve seen me do, you will do that and even more,” said Yeheshua (Jesus).

So Luke learns from Yoda and in time defeats the Empire, as Gandhi, Walesa, Mandela, King and others would do.

Whether called Messiah, Christ or Mahdi, the Anointed One is not a crutch or an idol. Rather, such a one in turn anoints us with a slap on the cheek, catapulting us to do the undreamed of. There is nothing we can’t do if we believe – not in another, but in ourselves.


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Well I for one loved that and I haven't even seen the film but I will do now. Great stuff and keep it up.

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