Sunday, August 07, 2005

“Let him be anathema!”

When I attended parochial school the nuns and priests used to warn us against moral sins – actions so perverse they deaden the part of a person that is most truly that person.

Unfortunately, the examples given were so trivial (like kissing your date for more than three seconds) that by age 15 most of us gave up on the whole idea.

But indeed there are mortal sins, and they can be committed by institutions and by administrations, as much as by individuals.

George W. Bush’s war in Iraq is a mortal sin.

It is, by all three conditions:
Grievous matter: all wars – even ‘just wars’ – are very serious matters;
Sufficient reflection: war plans were in the works even before 9-11;
Full consent of the will: and then some, in Mr. Bush’s case.

This transcends Catholic or Christian moral theology; it goes way beyond political, economic or cultural issues. The Bush administration has sinned gravely by every moral and ethical standard: against God, against humanity, against nature.

Against God, by waging unholy war in God’s holy name;
Against humanity, by stealing from the neediest to enrich the haves and have-mores;
Against nature, by encouraging ever-more rapid despoliation of the land, sea and sky.

The early Christian church dealt with such a one by invoking: “Let him be anathema!”
Such a person was no longer a member of the community;
Such a king no longer had moral authority;
Such a one’s time to confess, do penance and be redeemed grew shorter with each day.

The deadliness of mortal sins is in how they kill the sinner, not those sinned against. The more one persists in wickedness, the more difficult it is to show remorse or acknowledge the inflicted suffering. Faust had only to cry out for redemption and the bond with Mephistopheles would have been broken. But by then his pride would not allow it.

And it is this growing arrogance and consequent death of empathy we see hardening in the president’s eyes each night on the news. His criminal ineptitude and ‘bring ‘em on’ carelessness make one shudder at what karmic fury awaits him and his inner circle.

It’s time for people of every faith to declare this administration anathema.
It’s time for George W. Bush to publicly repent, do penance and seek redemption.
For if our president’s eternal destiny is to be a burning Bush, what does that say about us?


Blogger Tripp Borstel said...

Beautifully written, thank you. You may have seen this editorial in the NYT...

7:51 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

Oh oh, whatever we focus on we get more of and what we fight grows even stronger. Remember the wisdom of Mother Teresa who refused to join an anti war rally but said she would be happy to join a pro-peace rally if she was asked.
The article is articulate and correct if you're looking at it from the aspect of the world view but from a spiritual standpoint it's incorrect.

2:28 PM  

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